24 de fev de 2010


R. Carlos 6

19 de fev de 2010

My bRoTher wiLL get MarRied!!!!!!!! VIIVAAAA!!!!!!!!!

8 de fev de 2010

And tHan.....thE ZoMbIes coMe.......

Acrilic over cardboard and photo.......

3 de fev de 2010

And the Oscar 2010 goes to: "Brendan and the Secret of Kells"

Last year i stayed very happy to see my first animation movie in theaters, i worked as clean-up and it was exciting.
Yesterday i saw that "Kells" was indicated to Oscar 2010 and i am so glad to make part of all this it, and our Brasillian team worked hard to make this possible too.
Thanks for every one, and Go KELLS!!!!!!! you deserve it.

1 de fev de 2010

mY baTh uGLy DucKlinG

Acrilic paint and Photo